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Laura Perdomo

Product Designer / Canary Islands, Spain
產品設計師 / 西班牙加那利群島

Laura Perdomo (1991) is a Product Designer born and based in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Before discovering the world of design, Laura studied Optics & Optometrics and she fell in love with light and the magical experience you can live mixing light and materials.

After graduate, Laura made an internship in Luis Eslava Studio where has the opportunity to develop by herself projects and exhibitions for brands as Camper or Velcro. In 2018, she was one of the twelve women designers chosen for creating an exhibition for the well known jewelry brand Aristocrazy under the supervision of Dai Rees & Naomi Filmer (London College of Fashion. ual)

In 2017 won the Catalonian Ecodesign Award in the Young Category and in 2019 Wood and Furniture Guild of Catalonia awarded her the award “Anells de fusta” for a tool collection named “Margarida Collection”. She has appeared in media and press such as Metal Magazine, Flash moda, La Vanguardia...

產品設計師Laura Perdomo(1991),來自加那利群島的特內里費島。

在接觸設計之前,Laura 原先是學光學的,喜歡光以及混合光和不同材料的神奇體驗。

大學畢業後,Laura在Luis Eslava工作室實習,因而有機會自己開發Camper或Velcro等品牌的項目和展覽。 2018年,Laura曾作為Dai Rees & Naomi Filmer(倫敦時裝學院)所創辦的著名珠寶品牌Aristocrazy的創作展覽中十二位女性設計師之一。

2017年獲得了加泰隆尼亞年輕組的生態設計獎,2019年加泰隆尼亞木材和家具協會因“Margarida Collection”的工具系列授予她“Anells de fusta”獎,與曾出現在如Metal Magazine、Flash moda、La Vanguardia ......等的媒體和報刊雜誌中。

Hey Laura How are you? Working hard for the coexistence exhibition in Taipei?

Yes, I do! I’m so excited about this exhibition so i’m doing my best.

嘿!Laura,你好嗎? 是否正為coexistence 的台北展覽忙碌呢?

我很好! 對於展出非常的興奮也會盡力展現出最好的一面!

Just a quick introduction to the readers about what kind of work you currently do, do you specialize in one product or you design a wide range of different things?

Currently i’m focused on working on gastronomy experiences and working with chefs, some of them from Michelin Star Restaurants because I really love the challenges that i can take on in this world. But I really do many different projects from furniture, electronics, food design, design for food, what i call conceptual objects, contemporary jewerly, anything you can interact with. What I really love in my job is to face challenges so I don’t reject projects if i see them interesting.


目前我正專注於美食體驗並與廚師合作,其中一些來自米其林星級餐廳,因為我真的很喜歡嘗試各種挑戰,而我也做過許多不同的項目:家具、電子產品、食品設計或設計食品,以及我稱之為概念物品和當代珠寶等任何可以相互作用的項目。 在我的工作中我真正喜歡的是面對挑戰,所以只要我感興趣的我不會拒絕。

We can imagine production is a big part of your work right? Is not only about design a nice product but also to be able to produce it properly.

Product design is in the theoretical framework aesthetics and functionality but what we really do is storytelling through design and are materials and production processes added to form what can give you this result. Is not the same an artisan piece than an industrial piece, a wood one, a plastic one, a marble one or a metallic one. Depending of what we want communicate we chose the production process and materials, even looking for a perfect ending or not depending of the piece. A good piece poorly produced is nothing.


產品設計在理論框架中具有美學和功能性,但我們真正做的是透過設計說故事,另外,工藝所用的木頭、塑料、大理石或金屬材料等不同於工業用。 根據我們想表達的去選擇製作的工藝材料,甚至根據所使用的材料尋找完美傑出的可能性,如果只是製作出一個好作品,其實不代表什麼。

Who are the big names in the product design world? Is more about individual designers or product design Studios / brands?

There’s no doubt that the product design fathers are: Dieter Rams, Ray & Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Charlotte Perriand, Vico Magistretti, the Bauhaus... They have shown to the world the possibilities of design, the materials, the language between aesthetics and functionality. Nowadays, is different, when you are a student you always have to differentiate between art, artisan & design, but now this has evolved and almost all current designers “break the rules” mixing those three at least once. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re a studio, a brand, a freelance designer, they work all together and individually at the same time.

哪一位設計師是產品設計界的龍頭? 是獨立的設計師還是產品設計工作室/品牌?

毫無疑問,產品設計界的教父有:Dieter Rams、Ray&Charles Eames、Arne Jacobsen、Charlotte Perriand、Vico Magistretti和the Bauhaus... 他們向全世界展示了設計、材料以及美學和功能之間的可能性。當你是一名學生時,必須將藝術、工藝和設計做區分, 如今不同的是現在幾乎被所有設計師“打破規則”的將這三者至少做一次混合, 這就是為什麼如果你是一個工作室、一個品牌還是一個自由設計師並不重要,因為他們同時一起也個別工作。

What do you think about IKEA, is it a good thing or just a cheap copy of the original good designs?

Ikea is a dream for any of the products designers. I know it sounds strange after the image we can have as users that are cheap furniture. They know it too and thats why since a few years they have started working with many well known designers and studios as: Inma Bermudez, Form Us With Love, Hay or Virgil Abloh.
In a designer point of view Ikea gives you the opportunity to reach the whole world with many different industrial processes and in an accessible way. His policy also makes it a great challenge.
About cheap copies, there are no words. That’s the fighting of many designers with many companies.


IKEA是任何產品設計師的夢想,我知道他們的傢俱很便宜,所以這麼說聽起來很奇怪, IKEA也知道這一點,這就是為什麼幾年後他們開始與許多著名的設計師和工作室合作,像是:Inma Bermudez、Form Us With Love、Hay或Virgil Abloh。

What kind of projects would you like to work in the future? Dream job?

Good projects, the one that allow me to carry out my craziest ideas. The clients with whom we all dream, hahaha. I'm also starting developing my own line of objects.

之後什麼樣的項目您會有興趣? 像是夢想中的工作?

好的項目,讓我能夠實現我最瘋狂的想法,和跟我有共同夢想的客戶,哈哈哈。 我也開始開發自己的一系列項目了。


River Taipei is glad to announce that two of our favorite artist from Spain, Left Martinez and Laura Perdomo will be coming to Taipei this Summer for a special solo exhibition at 濕地 Venue!

River Taipei很高興告訴大家一個好消息,兩位來自西班牙的藝術家,Left Martinez and Laura Perdomo將於今年夏天在台北濕地Venue舉辦特別個展!

Friday 9th of August 2019

From 18:00 to 22:00


濕地 Venue 3rd Floor
No. 10號, Lane 107, Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei


Free Entry


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Laura Perdomo and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.

本文中的所有圖片和文字版權由River和Laura Perdomo所有。

29 July 2019


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