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Artist / France
藝術家 / 法國

Trois Têtes Man (the men with three heads) or 3TTMAN as a short-form of the name, is Louis Lambert way to represent the contemporary urban art scene that started in Madrid around 2005. Under this original name, Louis (Born in Lille, France), combine different art techniques to create his own world of oil canvas, posters, sculptures, whole building facade paintings, rags and everything else that he can transform into a unique piece of 3ttman art.

Louis Lambert在2005年左右開始用Trois Têtes Man (the men with three heads)或簡稱3TTMAN作為代表當代都市藝術界的方式。 Louis(生於法國里爾),結合不同的藝術手法,創作出自己的油畫布、海報、雕塑、整座建築外牆塗畫、破布和其他任何可以轉化成3ttman藝術的獨特作品等。

Recently he has been experimenting with tiles and concrete in order to discover new ways to create original pieces and step one foot further in the urban art game. We visited Louis in his art studio in Tenerife, Spain (Where he is currently based) to discover more about his work and dig deep into his character and how everything started.

最近 Louis在試驗用瓷磚和混凝來發現創造原創作品的新方法,並在城市藝術遊戲中邁出新的步伐。 我們在他位於西班牙特內里費的藝術工作室( 此為Louis 目前所在地)做了一個訪問,以了解更多他的作品、個人特色以及藝術生涯是怎麼樣的一個開始。

R. Hello Louis! how are you?

3. Hey! all good men, working really hard as usual :P

R.你好路易斯! 你好嗎?

3. 嘿! 一切都好,像往常一樣努力的工作:P

R. What have you been working recently?

3. Last week I was super busy in Madrid, Spain working in a new exhibition at Delimbo, a contemporary art gallery that is bringing some of the biggest names in the art scene, and it went very well! was a good opportunity to show some of my recent pieces and a challenge for me to work in new techniques. 

R. 最近在進行什麼樣的工作?

3.  上週在西班牙馬德里的Delimbo一個新展覽中工作的非常忙碌, Delimbo是非常有名的當代藝術畫廊,所幸一切進行得非常順利!這是展示我最近一些作品的一個很好的機會,對我來說也是工作上新技術方面的一個挑戰。

R. You are French but right now where are you based?

3. My studio is based in Tenerife, the Canary Islands, there is where the hard work and the magic happens. Although it is a perfect place to live with good weather and a relaxed lifestyle, there is not much art culture, so I am always travelling and doing exhibitions in other places.
R. 你是法國人,不過目前你定居在哪裡呢?

3. 我的工作室位於加那利群島的特內里費島,是我投注所有精力工作的地方, 雖然這裡是一個天氣總是非常怡人以及生活方式很輕鬆的理想城市,但是沒有太多的藝術文化,所以我總是在其他地方旅行和做展覽。

R. Will you define yourself as a street or a graffiti artist?

3. Most of the people know me from the murals and the street paintings I have done, but this is only a small part of what I really am.
I spend long hours many days of the week at the studio working in oil paintings and other kinds of pieces as sculptures, collages, installations and even painted tiles.

R. 你會將自己定義為街頭或塗鴉藝術家嗎?

3. 大部分人都從我所做的壁畫和街頭畫中認識我,但這只是真正的我其中一小部分。我一週在工作室中花很長的時間在油畫上和其他各種作品,如雕塑、拼貼畫、裝置藝術,甚至是瓷磚彩繪。

R. how would you define your art and what part plays in your daily life?

3. For me art is a way of playing and the way I have to kill boredom, that is why I have tried so many different techniques and I have painted in so many different places. I can happen that I am working really focus on a vase in the morning and by the afternoon get bored with it and switch to a massive oil painting. I am constantly working in different pieces with different techniques at the same time


3.對我來說藝術是一種遊戲方式,也是我消遣無聊的方式,這就是為什麼我嘗試很多不同的技巧,並且在很多不同的地方畫畫,有時候可能早上我才專注於一個花瓶的工作上,下午就對它感到厭倦並轉向大型油畫的工作, 這也是為什麼我同時一直用不同的技術在不同的工作上。


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and 3ttman and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.


6 May 2019


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