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Left Martinez

Artist / Canary Islands, Spain
藝術家 / 西班牙加那利群島

What started as a teenager act of rebellion writing his name with spray cans on the streets of Tenerife,  it became now a solid career in art for Left Martinez.

Adrian Martinez (1987) is the mind behind Left Martinez, an alias that combine his surname and a very personal characteristic of him, being left handed. He started painting graffiti in 2003 and later decided to start studying  graphic design in Tenerife. Later in 2014 he finished his studies in Barcelona where he began to work in some of the most respected studios including Lo Siento Studio, Esiete, Luis Eslava and more.
After spending several years totally focused on graphic design he decided to leave that environment to seek a more artistic and personal point of view.

The work of Left Martinez is the result of the different stages and trends explored in 16 years of graffiti and an almost obsessive study on the technical and theoretical level of graphic design from the most orthodox point of view, seeking a balance between the sensory aspect of the first and the extreme rationality of the second.

最初Left Martinez在Tenerife的街頭上隨意用噴霧罐寫下自己的名字,而當時那叛逆青少年般的他現已成為實力堅強的藝術家。

本名Adrian Martinez,生於1987年,而藝名Left Martinez是自己姓氏和個人特徵“左撇子”的結合。2003年開始繪畫塗鴉,後來決定在Tenerife開始研究平面設計, 2014年在巴賽隆納完成大學學業之後,曾在當地幾間設計圈非常受尊敬的工作室工作,其中包括Lo Siento Studio、Esiete、Luis Eslava等。


Left Martinez的作品是由16年不斷探索的塗鴉生涯中經過不同階段和趨勢的而呈現的結果,以及從最正統的角度對平面設計的技術和水平進行幾乎痴迷的研究,尋求塗鴉以及平面設計之間的平衡而創造出結合兩種藝術的作品。第二個的第一個和最極端的合理性。

R. Hello Adrian! How´s going? everything prepare for your show in Taipei?

L. Hey!! Everything good! Yes! Working a lot, there's no other way ;)

R. 哈囉! Andrian您好,這次到台北展出已經都準備好了嗎?

L. 嗨! 做了很多準備的工作,一切都進行得很順利;)

R. You started as graffiti artist painting in the streets right? how did all begun?

L. Yes, it was amazing. I'm from a little island in Spain so on the early 2000's there was no much graffiti or information, it was very spontaneous and innocent.

R. 最初您是一位街頭塗鴉藝術家對吧?是怎麼樣開始的呢?

L. 沒錯!這真是一個很棒的藝術,我來自西班牙一個小島,早期2000年的時候,並沒有太多塗鴉或相關的資訊,所以可以說是自發性的接觸。

R. How would you define the work you are producing now?

L. I don’t really know hehe, I suppose that what i’m doing right now is what my background allow me to do. I don't like to think too much about it, I just focus on what makes me feel something (good or not), and try to generate the same into people who see my work.

R. 您如何定義現在所做的作品?

L. 嘿嘿..我也不曉得,我想就是以我的經驗去做我能力所及的事情,在這方面我並不喜歡想太多,不管感覺是好是壞,就是專注地去做並讓大家看見我的作品。

R. The art world is going through a big change with the introduction of new technology, do you prefer to keep it classic with hand-painted pieces or prefer to make digital art?

L. I believe on ideas and feelings, I don't care too much if the piece was made by a machine or hand painted. The important thing is the result.

R. 隨著新科技引入,藝術的世界正在進行巨大的改變,您比較喜歡以手繪的方式維持經典還是數位藝術?

L. 我相信想法和感覺,我不在乎是用手繪還是機器,重要的是成果。

R. Is art graphic design? is graphic design art? where are the limits?

L. I have thought and debated a lot about this. In my opinion they are two totally different things. In short, graphic design has more to do with offices, businesses, companies, etc, and art with freedom and expression and generation of feelings.

R. 是藝術平面設計? 還是平面設計藝術? 界線在哪裡?

L. 我對此有很多的想法和論點,我的觀點是這兩個是不同的東西,簡而言之,平面設計涉及更多辦公室、企業、公司等,以及具有自由、表達以及感情產生的藝術。

R. Are your inspirations purely graphics? or you also try to look at other fields as architecture, music etc

L. I've been studying and working on visual environments for almost 15 years so I can not deny that graphics are part of my inspiration, but I love to learn about the creative process of artist from different fields specially from artist of before the internet era.

R. 您的靈感純粹是圖形還是也想過嘗試其他領域像是建築或音樂等呢?

L. 我以前是學視覺設計的,讀書加上在這塊領域工作的時間幾乎要15年了,所以我無法否認圖形是我一部份的靈感,但我喜愛從網路時代以前的藝術家那裡了解不同領域的藝術家的創作過程。

R. If you could internship with a great artist live or death who will you choose?

L. Wow! There are too many!  Mmmmm... Muller-Brockmann and John Coltrane for example hehe.


L.哇!可多了!嗯....例如我可能會選Muller-Brockmann和John Coltrane,嘿嘿!


River Taipei is glad to announce that two of our favorite artist from Spain, Left Martinez and Laura Perdomo will be coming to Taipei this Summer for a special solo exhibition at 濕地 Venue!

River Taipei很高興告訴大家一個好消息,兩位來自西班牙的藝術家,Left Martinez and Laura Perdomo將於今年夏天在台北濕地Venue舉辦特別個展!

Friday 9th of August 2019

From 18:00 to 22:00 


濕地 Venue 3rd Floor 
No. 10號, Lane 107, Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei


Free Entry 


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and  Left Martinez and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.

本文中的所有圖片和文字版權由River和Left Martinez所有。

16 July 2019


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