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Or Shaved Ice 貨室甜品

Ice shaved shop / Zhongshan Taipei 
剉冰店 /台北中山

Even the Summer hasn’t arrived yet, the temperatures in Taipei are already rising with a record of 35.2 Celsius degrees in the city (hottest day recorded of the year), so staying hydrated and fresh is more in need than ever.

People that have been living in Taiwan long enough, knows exactly where to go when the heat comes to town. As many of the traditional dishes that you can find in Taiwan, shaved ice bowls are definitely a hit during this season and of course a cheap way to keep cool.

Walking on the alleys of Zhongshan we discovered a new little shop opened that is promising to be one of the most visited spots in the area this Summer. Or Shaved Ice is a traditional dessert shop founded by young entrepreneur Aaron Chen that brings back the old Taiwanese style shaved ice with a mix of new flavors including the cocoa powder milk with taro balls, the Japanese matcha green tea with red beans and our favorite, the pink rose milk tea with tiny flower petals.

If this sounds not enough, you can add a ball of icecream on top just for extra 15nt! 



在中山區的小巷中,我們發現了一間新開的小店”Or Shaved Ice 貨室甜品”,由年輕的陳韋安先生所創立的傳統甜品冰店,將台灣傳統剉冰原料與新鮮口味混搭,例如可可牛奶和芋圓、日本抹茶和紅豆,以及我們最喜歡的帶有小花瓣的玫瑰奶茶!



Address  地址

No. 34, Lane 71, Chifen Street , Datong District, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Tuesday to Sunday          12:00 to 21:00
Monday closed

星期二~星期天               12:00 ~ 21:00

Find more about Or Shave Ice at
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31 May 2018


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