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VVG Bistro   好樣餐廳

Restaurant / Zhongxiao Dunhua, Taipei
餐廳 /台北忠孝敦化

Opening and running a restaurant in Taipei is one of the most popular and probably one of the most difficult business to maintain. The city moves at a different rhythm with new shops opening every week (and many closing too) and restaurants that keep operating for one or two years are considered already successful and well established.

So, when we heard that VVG was founded in 1999 and today, 19 years later , they still serving food, it could only mean that they have something really good to offer... And we were not wrong.



VVG is a group with different shops around Taipei and Taichung including restaurants, Book and stationery shops, art galleries, cafes and more. The name comes from the initials of “Very Very Good” and today we want to bring you into VVG Bistro, their French restaurant located in a little alley of Zhongxiao Dunhua.

VVG好樣集團旗下有不同類型的商店,遍及台北和台中,包括餐廳、咖啡廳、書店生活道具和藝文空間等等都是屬於VVG好樣系列,這次要和大家介紹位於東區小巷中歐式風格的好樣餐廳VVG Bistro!

VVG Bistro is one of this places you would like to enjoy every lunch with a beautiful terrace outside and a door-opening inside restaurant that will make you feel relax and out of the busy and noisy streets of Taipei city center. We could not miss to try their western style brunch there and discover more about this hidden gem.

想用早午餐作為一天早晨美好的開始,來VVG Bistro準沒錯!一走進來綠意盎然,外圍栽種了許多植物,充滿綠意,餐廳有小小庭院室外座,與室內用餐區相通,形成開放式的空間,在這邊用餐有一種身在世外桃源的錯覺,令人放鬆的環境,好像可以瞬間與繁忙喧囂的台北隔離,除了好好探究這麼舒適愜意的地方外,當然絕不可以錯過西式早午餐!

Something we have been missing for long time ago in Taipei is a real Mediterranean salad. Back in Europe and America, raw salad is almost in every meal, but apparently here in Taiwan eating raw lettuce is not a popular side-dish between locals. Also the balsamic dressing was so on point that triggered some of our memories back in home. It comes with a really nice potato soup cream.

道地的地中海沙拉我們已經想吃很久了,在歐洲和美國,每一餐幾乎都會有生菜沙拉,但很顯然地台灣不喜歡吃生菜的人佔大多數,儘管如此,沙拉配上義式油醋,並附上一碗馬鈴薯濃湯 ,彷彿勾起了家鄉的回憶。

 With the brunch we received a welcome drink made of dark malt with elder flower syrup that you can mix yourself.

這杯welcome drink是由黑麥和接骨木花所製成,隨附果糖依個人喜好添加。

We started in the Italian way with a big plate of shrimp and zucchini linguine pasta. 


We also ordered the English brunch with 36-hours beef chuck stew, salad with cherry tomatoes and balsamic dressing, mixed mushrooms, pine nuts, duchess potatoes, ham and baked beans on bread and eggs omelette. They also bring some French bread to accompany the meal, so delicious!


The highlight of the lunch came with the roasted thyme-mustard chicken, potatoes, caramelized onion, radish, orange and purple carrots , zucchini and edible flowers. If you think this looks good we can say that it tastes even better!


They also have some daily baked desserts like this carrot cake with caramelized orange.


After the lunch, we felt so relaxed that we decided to spend a little bit more there, so we ordered a honey lemon & pomelo soda, a refreshing way to end our day in VVG Bistro.


The outside terrace is directly connected with the area inside.


If you are planning to visit VVG Bistro keep your eyes open as they are a bit hidden. Also, if you have some extra time don´t forget to visit VVG Something just in front! A little bookstore with interesting products to discover.

VVG Bistro隱身於巷弄中,如果計劃要過來用餐的話,可能要留意一下唷!另外,用餐完也可以順道去VVG書店”好樣本事VVG Something”,就在餐廳對面而已喔!


Address  地址

No. 20, Alley 40, Lane 181, section 4, East Road, Zhongxiao Dunhua, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Friday          12:00 to 21:00
Saturday and Sunday    10:00 to 21:00

星期一~星期五            12:00 ~ 21:00
星期六~星期天              10:00 ~ 21:00

Find more about VVG Bistro
查看更多關於VVG Bistro


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21 May 2018


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