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TABLE by GastroJoy    (Finished - 已結束)
Restaurant / Taipei 101
餐廳 /台北101

Chili Garlic Prawns 大蒜辣椒蝦

TABLE, one of our favorite restaurants in Taipei is back this season with a new pop up collaboration to bring this time the flavor, tradition, and lifestyle of Spain. As you probably know from our previous article with them, TABLE is not a simple restaurant but a whole experience with limited time menus featuring international top chefs and a place to discover new bites, delight special desserts and enjoy the vibe inside Taipei 101.

From the 17 of May until the 30 of June (NOW EXTENDED UNTIL THE END OF THIS SUMMER!), TABLE join forces with Spanish Chef Aitor Olabegoya from San Sebastián to show us what the traditional cuisine of northern Spain taste of and to share with Taiwan all the knowledge he has acquired through many years experience of work, including some of the most important Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain as “El Bulli for Matador” and “Sant Pau”.


從5月17日到6月30這段期間的餐點( 現在延長到這個夏末!) ,將由來自西班牙聖賽巴斯提安的主廚Aitor Olabegoya主導,這次主廚跟我們介紹了西班牙北部的傳統菜餚,並分享他從多年的工作經驗中獲得的學問,包括他曾在西班牙米其林餐廳”El Bulli for Matador”和“Sant Pau”工作中所學到的。

Fideuà with Prawn 西班牙墨魚麵及大蝦

Wagyu Rib with Red Wine Poached Pear 慢燉和牛肋條及燉紅酒梨

Corn Risotto with 5J Hand Cut Jamón 手切5J 伊比利豬火腿及玉米燉

Cuttlefish Noodle with Hollandai se 花枝扁麵佐墨魚荷蘭醬

5J Black Label Jamon iberico 5J 標伊比利豬火腿

Eggplant Omelette Rolls with Egg plant Mayo 茄子歐姆雷卷佐炭烤茄子美

Iberico Pork with Pickled Chili Pistachio Sauce 伊比利豬佐開心果辣椒醬

Oyster Burger with Foie Gras 生蠔鴨

Chocolate Coulant with Homemade Ice Cream 巧克⼒熔岩蛋糕佐主廚特製冰淇淋

Pavlova with Grapefruit Mint Sor bet 帕弗洛娃佐葡萄柚薄荷雪酪

The menu starts as every real Spanish restaurant with a selection of tapas including Gildas (a salty stick bite with olive, garlic, pickle, and onion), a selection of Spanish jamón and chorizo, Iberico pork with pickled chili pistachio sauce, Iberico croquettes, cherry blossom shrimp cracker and more!


The Molecular Olive took our attention as a very intriguing tapa, you eat it all at once and the olive explode inside your mouth!

The legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adrià invented a round of Spherification in 2003. Chef Aitel, who once worked with Ferran Adrià, also hopes to pay tribute to him with this "molecular football." Use green olives and pickled olive water, add a molecular cooking powder made of football, topped with olive oil powder, eat it and burst with salty green olive fragrance in the mouth.


西班牙傳奇名廚Ferran Adrià在2003年發明了圓形化分子料理手法,主廚Aitor曾經和這位名廚Ferran Adrià共事過,希望以這道分子橄欖球料理向他致敬,使用綠橄欖與醃漬橄欖水,加入分子料理粉做成橄欖球,上方撒上橄欖油粉,吃下後在口中爆發鹹香的綠橄欖芬芳。

One thing could not be missed during the meal is the crunchy Spanish rustic bread to accompany the delicious tapas.


Escabeche Marinated Scallops with Chorizo


We also had a Salmorejo tomato puree (originating from Cordoba in Andalucia, south Spain), one of the three cold soups of Spanish cuisine (the other two are gazpacho and ajo blanco) consisting of cherry tomatoes, sweet vinegar, and Spanish olive oil, served with asparagus, quail eggs, Spanish ham, and salmon eggs to increase the multi-flavour, refreshing and appetizing.

Salmorejo 番茄冷湯,來自西班牙南部安達魯西亞的哥多華,Salmorejo為西班牙料理三大冷湯之一(另外2種為gazpacho及ajo blanco),比起gazpacho更濃郁且滑順。使用櫻桃番茄、甜醋及西班牙橄欖油打成冷湯,上方搭配蘆筍、鵪鶉蛋、西班牙火腿及鮭魚卵增加多元口感,喝起來清爽且開胃。

Josper Grilled Iberico Presa with Romesco Sauce Josper


Catalan-Style Embutido with Green Olive Parmentier


Octopus with Paprika Potato Foam


And of course the curated Spanish Jamón had to be present during the menu, but not just a regular one.
In TABLE you will have the opportunity to try 5j (Cinco Jotas) a black label Iberico pig ham.

If you never hear about it, 5J Cinco Jotas is not only a treasure in Spanish culture but also a great masterpiece of time and nature.
It takes more than 5 years to make every 5J ham. In addition to Iberian black pigs on the pasture for more than two years of natural stocking, enjoying delicious acorns, plant rhizomes, and fresh grass; it takes more than three years to dry naturally in the ham cellar.

Also, the way this ham is cut can make an important difference when you eat it. We had the pleasure to meet Aitor in person who explained all the dishes to us with passion and cut some ham for us to try.
An amazing and really recommended experience!


來Table將有機會嚐到5J(Cinco Jotas)黑標伊比利豬火腿。

5J(Cinco Jotas)黑標伊比利豬火腿不僅是西班牙文化中的一枚瑰寶,更是時間與大自然偉大的傑作,成就每只5J火腿都需要超過5年的時間。除了伊比利黑豬在草場上超過兩年的自然放養、享受美味的橡樹果、植物根莖和鮮草;更需要三年多在火腿窖中的自然風乾。




TABLE by GastroJoy will set up a Spanish restaurant at 4F in Taipei 101 from May 17th to June 30th.

For reservations, please contact (02) 8101-8177

TABLE by GastroJoy快閃餐廳:




Photography courtesy of TABLE


Address  地址

No. 45, 4F, City Hall Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Sunday  from 12:00 to 15:00  and from 18:00 to 22:00   

Find more about TABLE


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and TABLE and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.


18 May 2018

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