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Shiro Cafe

Cafe / Daan Taipei
咖啡廳 / 台北大安

We keep searching for new interesting cafes in Taipei and this time we bring you a minimal Japanese inspired cafe, Shiro Cafe.

Primarily dominated by white, with a clean and simple interior design, Shiro cafe offers a zen space to have a quick break in a busy alley of Daan. Their menu is not very extensive too, with some cold and warm drinks and a little selection of cakes and toast. But this simplicity sometimes is really convenient when you don´t want to overthink what to order and you just want to focus in working or chating with the person you came with.

Shiro是從日文來的,白色的意思;簡單乾淨的白在街道上特別的顯眼,明亮舒適的空間、平價CP值高的咖啡和甜點,菜單選項不繁複,對於有選擇障礙或總是很糾結點餐的你來說是最方便不過的,想要安靜悠閒的用筆電忙工作或做自己的事還是和朋友打屁聊聊天,Shiro Cafe都很適合。

One of their must-order in the menu is the Japanese thick toast with red beans and butter. Delicious!


Discover more about Shiro Cafe at

查看更多關於Shiro Cafe at


Address  地址

No. 116號, Rui'an Street, Da’an District, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday            08:00 - 18:00         

每天營業             08:00 - 18:00


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 9 October 2019


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