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Influenced by the Japanese Harajuku culture and the underground fashion scene since he was a student, Hevin, founded VULTURE in 2013. This website had the initial purpose of selling street-based clothes, but gradually, he transformed the site into a platform of lifestyle and subculture cult. We had the opportunity to ask him what he thinks about the fashion situation nowadays and here is his article about it.







舉例來說:Raf Simons 18ss將銀翼殺手(Blade Runner)場景重現秀場上;與機能風格呈現樣貌的差異在於真實呈現出Cyberpunk中Hi-Tech, Low Life的核心思想;近年來Cyberpunk的議題也成為許多電影欲探討的題材之一。

在音樂上,Joy Division, Kurt Cobain到近期的Kanye West, Trap音樂的影響力也不在話下。

除了在互聯網上能夠快速地接收資訊,現今仍有許多優質的刊物:032C, System, Fucking Young等,甚至是主流街頭線上媒體Hypebeast, Highsnobiety 定期的發行實體雜誌,除了觀看特定的人物/品牌專欄外,往往可以獲得探索更多新議題以及透過專業得到更多更深入的內容。



“The pattern of consumption has changed over time and with the current development of the internet plus the progress of international logistics, we can nowadays purchase easily any desired product anywhere in the world.  With such a fast and convenient advantages, we no longer have to buy physical magazines, or wait for the latest information in the way we have done in the past, to know whats hot.
Social media has become the focus of any brand management and data-traffic an indicator of the brand value.”

“We apparently have the autonomy to select the message we want to receive, but we have also filtered ourselves the content we would like to appear and keep out the content we don´t feel interested in. To be correct, we are not as free as we imagine; this phenomenon is not only increasingly prominent in fashion, but also in the music, the film industry and many other fields.

For example: Raf Simons 18ss reappears in a Blade Runner scene ; the difference from the functional style is that it presents the core idea of Hi-Tech, Low Life in Cyberpunk; In recent years, Cyberpunk issues It has also become one of the topics that many films want to explore.”

“In addition to the quickly information we receive from the Internet, there are still many excellent printed publications such as 032C, System, Fucking Young and more. Even the mainstream street media Hypebeast, Highsnobiety regularly publishes their physical magazines, in addition to the digital formats.”

“The rise of fast fashion has changed the mindset of consumers on clothing and in a global economic recession, the cost performance has become an important indicator of buying clothing.

“It is often possible to explore more about new topics and gain more in-depth content through working  in the profession, also getting into activities with other people and brands is also a good way to share exclusive information. In recent years, many shops and independent designer brands in Taiwan have  become very popular bringing a new social media scene and unifying people from different backgrounds into one field.
All along, I am committed to sharing and communicating many of the information that has inspired me, and Vulture's business philosophy is the same, with garments as the main axis to create a diversified style of life, hoping to let more people see the trend behind the representative Thought, then sum up the personal style of love, bring all the loved things to your own life style.”

If you want to know more about Vulture check their website!



All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Brosmind and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.


6 August 2018

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