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Zakka W

Fashion Shop / Taipei, Zhongshan
時裝店 /中山台北

Zhongshan is well known in the city for their hidden little shops and today we bring you a special one located in Chifeng street!
Zakka W is a fashion select shop with European inspired interiors and a place to find hard-to-cop fashion brands, accessories, and other interesting goodies.

中山區有許多隱密小店,我們要介紹的這間位於有名的赤峰街上!” Zakka W”是一間歐風時尚精品店,有難以找到的時尚品牌、配飾和其它有趣的商品。

The inside, covered in white and blue have been carefully designed to represent the lifestyle of the brand and Zakka W counted with the work of Taiwanese contemporary artists Wu I-Yeh  and Wu Guo Wei to add a personal touch to the furniture and the decoration, including unique handmade tables and shelves, video works displayed on a vintage television and even a customized commercial refrigerator for drinks.

We recommend you to go have a look inside as we have discovered there some rare and unique accesories really difficult to find in Taiwan!

店內以藍色和白色為基調並精心設計,代表品牌所呈現的生活方式,台灣當代藝術家吳宜曄以及吳國瑋為Zakka W設計店內擺設增添個人色彩,包括獨特手工製作的桌子和架子、復古電視機播放的作品影片以及訂製的飲料商用冰箱。



Address  地址

No.1 , Lane 12,, Chifeng Street, Datong District, Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday / 每天     13:00 to 21:00

Find more about Zakka W at
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25 June 2018


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