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Cafe / Zhongzheng Taipei
咖啡店 / 台北中正區

We are back with a new discovery in the area of Zhongzhen, Taipei.
Chicaca originally started as a vintage toy shop with very rare products from the 90´s, the 80´s and more, recently the brand  decide to expand business with a coffee shop version of the store fully decorated with the same vintage vibes.

A lot of the decoration, furniture and toys they have in Chicaca are McDonald’s recovered pieces from the 80´s. They have a really interesting collection with stuffed Ronald McDonald’s, Happy Meal old toys and even an iconic pair of cookies inspired by the hamburger and chicken nugget characters.

They also developed a strong identity all around the shop with their Nugget /Potato character that they use as logo.
Check this limited edition of it they made in vinyl! Quite cool!

The vintage McDonald’s seats are really amazing, we can guess those are not easy to find nowadays, specially outside the United States.
Our readers born in the 80’s will remember seeing some of this at the McDonals store back in the days.

Of course Chicaca not only offers an experience with their products and the decoration, but you will also find good coffee, desserts and interesting drinks, 

A Playstation digital watch. When turned on, the time will be displayed with lights at the center of it.

Old video games, Star wars items, home decorations goods, movies collectibles, books, edibles ...
The list goes further with more products that you can find in the store or directly in their website.

Discover more about Chicaca at

查看更多關於Chicaca at

Address  地址

No. 40, Lane 79, Section 2, Xinyi Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei


Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday 每天營業    11:00 - 20:00


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 26 Oct 2020


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