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Cafe & Dessert Shop / Songshan Taipei
咖啡廳 / 台北松山

We keep discovering and trying new cafes around Taipei and in this occasion we visited Aruchuu, a dessert shop and cafe located in the Songshan district of Taipei.

With a beautiful branding design by Taiwanese Studio Houth ( We interview them in a article before!), Aruchuu is presented as a little, but cosy cafe with a nice selection of cakes, drinks and other desserts.

在我們不斷探索不同咖啡廳的過程中,發現了一間位於台北松山區的甜點店 “Aruchuu 麓鳩”。

店招牌由台灣設計工作室Houth(先前我們有採訪過),Aruchuu 麓鳩是一間巷弄內純白色透出簡約氣質的咖啡館,適合溫和的午後享用一系列的糕點和午茶。

We loved their pinky orange grapefruit drink! a must try one!


Discover more about Aruchuu at

查看更多關於Aruchuu at


Address  地址

No. 18號, Lane 32, Guangfu South Road, Songshan District, Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday        13:00 - 23:00   
每天營業         13:00 - 23:00


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10 June 2019


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