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疍宅 Eg Ghost

Dessert Shop / Zhongshan Taipei
甜點店 / 台北中山

The district of Zhong Shan in the center of Taipei is one of the areas with more shops and interesting cafes of the whole city, walking around for ten minutes and getting deeper into some of their alleys will make you discover really special cake shops like the one we are introducing today. 

Eg ghost is a little cafe and cake shop that once inside it will make you feel at home. Their warm interiors and the vintage decoration together with their selection of hand-made cakes are a perfect combination to treat yourself ( maybe with some friends?) and have a relax coffee and some sweet bites.

台北繁華熱鬧的中山區有許多小商店,尤其是隱匿在巷弄中的咖啡廳,多晃幾圈就會有一些小驚喜,就像這次我們要介紹的甜點店 “疍宅”。


This logo at the entry catch our attention just arriving. We appreciate when little cafes put on a effort of simple yet amazing designs. 


We ordered the taro cheese cake with caramelized almonds and strawberries.


Another great surprise was the company of two cats that live in there, Lilu and Fei bi. Really friendlyt and cute!


For the drinks we tried the strawberry mikshake, this was really wow!!

至於飲料我們點了一杯新鮮草莓牛奶,只有一個字,“ Amazing”!

Another of their best seller desserts, the black sesame foam cake with blueberries. Super smooth, creamy and with crunchy bits.


Discover more about Eg Ghost at

查看更多關於疍宅 at

Address  地址

No. 45, Lane 204, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei


Opening Hours  營業時間

Thur to Sat  週四至週六             12:00 - 00:00
Wed & Sun   週三週日               10:00 - 22:00
Mon - Tue    每週一週二            Closed 公休


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14 April 2020


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