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Street Churros

Dessert Shop / Daan Taipei
甜點店 / 台北大安區

This past winter we visited Barcelona in Spain and among all the amazing food we tried there Churros was one of our favourite. Spanish people have two kind, one called porras which are more thick and big with no sugar added and one called churros that are the crunchy ones with stripes and sugar or cinnamon on top.

Since we came back to Taipei we have been craving churros, so what a better place than Street Churros to get our hands into one of this amazing sugary treats.


自從回台北後,我們就心心念著Churros,然而我們在台北找到最道地、來自韓國超人氣連鎖品牌的Churros專賣店“Street Churros”,主打現炸的吉拿棒加上冰淇淋,來自西班牙的小吃美食,經過韓國Street Churros打造一番,搖身一變新鮮好滋味的組合,讓吉拿棒的吃法不再這麼單調。

Street churros release seasonal products that you will only find certain times of the year. By the time we passed they had a japanese style matcha icecream with red beans, sticky mochi and of course the churro on top. It was trully delicious and worth every bite.

Street churros會不定時地推出季節或節日限定口味,錯過就沒有機會嚐到那些特別又令人食指大動的口味囉!這一次我們吃到的是“抹茶紅豆麻糬阿啾”,光復旗艦店&士林天玉店才有的限定口味,濃郁的抹茶冰淇淋加上跟抹茶最搭的紅豆和麻糬,配上帶有肉桂味的吉拿棒,實在是太完美的組合了!抹茶控的你絕對不要錯過。

Of course churros are their main product with a lot of different size and falvours, but they also have a nice menu with different drinks cold and hot and other desserts.


We also ordered two single churros filled with chocolate and vanilla cream. Amazing!

After trying their matcha icecream churro we are very curious to come back when they release a new flavour. We have seen on social media that they have some specials for halloween and valentines day that looked really good. 

吃過絕對會想二訪,期待之後推出的新口味,之前萬聖節跟情人節都有限定口味,看了之後覺得錯過會捶心肝的那種~ 趁現在推出抹茶紅豆麻糬阿啾,大家也不要錯過囉!

Discover more about Street Churros at

查看更多關於Street Churros at

Address  地址

Flagship store 光復旗艦店
No. 24, Lane 260, Guangfu South Road, Daan District, Taipei


Opening Hours  營業時間

Mon - Fri 週一~週五      11:00 - 22:00
Sat  週六                      10:00 - 23:00
Sun  週日                     10:00 - 22:00


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9 April 2020


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