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INF Dark 
2018 AW “I Protect U”

Fashion Brand / Taipei
服裝時尚品牌 / 台北

Founded in 2011 by Taiwanese fashion designer Kuo (an obsessive-compulsive designer as he defines himself) INF Dark is right now one of the most intriguing and out-of-the-box labels in Taipei, with hand-made tailored garments, in plain mono-tone or duo-tone colors and clean cuts, that will meet the extreme and the unusual.

INF might not be a brand for everyone with a solid concept inspired by rebellion, sociopath, and a kinky movement, but what we can not deny is that this brand has a unique and genuine core, in a present society were clothes are mass produced with a standard fashion aiming to be “normal” and “acceptable”.

Kuo opened his first INF shop this year in Maji square, Yuanshan Park, just in front of Triangle nightclub, and we meet him there to know more about his label.

INF Dark由台灣時尚設計師Kuo於2011年成立(他稱自己是有強迫症的設計師),INF Dark現在是台北最具有吸引力並且獨特的品牌,以純手工訂製的服裝、單一素色或雙色色調以及簡單俐落的剪裁走出獨樹一格的風格。



Designer 設計師 INF
Model 模特兒 John & Eli
Photography 攝影 Chou Mo
Makeup & Hair 妝髮: Vanessa

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All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and INF and has copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, we like to share.


30 April 2018


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