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Komeda´s Coffee

Brunch / Taipei Taiwan
日系早午餐 / 台灣台北

Komeda´s coffee was established for the first time in Nagoya, Japan during 1968. Since then the brand main focus is to provide a warm place where you can relax while enjoying a good cup of coffee with your family.

Komeda´s coffee has finally landed in Taipei (Taiwan) with a new store in Songshan District and we couldn´t wait to show you some of their signature brunch including the scramble eggs pizza sandwich, the Komedas coffee milk shake and the floating icecream soda served in a cowboy boot. 
來自日本名古屋老字號的咖啡店Komeda´s coffee,日式洋風的環境設計打造出讓顧客身心放鬆的氛圍,適合一家大小來這邊享用咖啡和早餐。

The ice cream started to melt as soon as it arrived! at some point is all mixed with the soda and it is delicious.


The coffee milkshake is also made with ice cream mixed inside.


All the portions including hamburgers and sandwich are really big! 


They also serve you some japanese peanuts as starters while you are waiting for the main dishes.

Discover more about Komeda´s Coffee at

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Address  地址

No. 30, Section 3, Bade Road., Songshan District., Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday  07:30- 21:00  
每天營業 07:30- 21:00


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29 February 2019


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